When it comes to pricing and software, many times it feels like somebody grabbed a number out of thin air. We’ve put careful research and time into calculating our costs for our delivery management software and services – it’s important to us that you’re getting the value you deserve, and that we’re able to exceed your expectations in providing that value. Our goal isn’t to be the cheapest solution available – we have honest pricing for the services we provide – and the client-base and testimonials worldwide to back it up. When it comes to delivery software, you get what you pay for – and that translates directly to your customers.

Our pricing has 3 main components: the setup fee, the monthly subscription fee, and any custom development costs.

The setup fee

This fee covers your software spin-up, site design and integration, training, and help with importing customers, recurring orders, products, and balances to get going. We do a fair bit of consulting work within the trainings – you’ll benefit from our knowledge from having worked with hundreds of other delivery companies across the globe for the last 12 years. We take the time to listen to your unique situations to make sure the system is setup right from the get-go. We literally have hundreds of settings and modules we can turn on or off for your specific company needs…this flexibility gives us the ability to cater specifically to your niche.

The monthly subscription fee

This is based on your sales – there is a floor, and then once you’re over the floor threshold it moves to a percentage of sales fulfilled in the system. This monthly fee covers all sorts of management costs – from the hosting of the data to backups to security audits, disaster recovery, upgrades and maintenance of the system and hardware, and support for you and your staff for any questions you have that come up. We like to be pro-active and engaged with your business – helping to guide you on the best tools to use, what we’ve seen be successful, what hasn’t worked, etc. Sharing knowledge as you have questions and working with you to engage your customers, we’re able to deliver the best delivery software services to you. We also help maintain your frontend customer website – in areas you might not have expertise – like posting a great looking article in your press section. Our delivery management software is constantly being maintained to keep up with the latest web standards and technology as a whole, so you benefit by always being up-to-date.

Our custom development costs

These don’t apply to everyone – but it’s one of the services we have the flexibility to provide. From adding new reports to customizing packing and routing materials, on a monthly basis our team is cranking out cool stuff for clients that have special requirements. While we like to think we’ve covered all the bases for our delivery software, we recognize there is always more we can do. Sometimes clients have specific requests for an extra-special feature or need something different to fit their exact industry. If you run up against a roadblock with your business model and need specific functionality for customers or admins alike, we’re able to scope the work required and establish timelines.

So what are the exact costs?

That’s something we can determine once we know how many customers you serve, typical annual sales, what your training needs will be, and what industry you’re in. We like to chat on the phone a bit so there are no surprises down the road. This helps us get a feel for your business model, understand your current hurdles and pain points, and make sure our solution is a good fit for your goals.

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